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Providing quality Hog Roast & BBQ Catering services for over 20 years

Plan your perfect event with our friendly and experienced staff. Our staff are extremely attentive to your needs, especially dedicated to help you create great menus and events that focus on your style from Oriental to traditional, exotic to vegetarian. We will help you to create the right menu for your needs at affordable prices.

We offer a complete BBQ service at any time of the year and you can see a some BBQ set menu options with prices here.

Traditional Garden BBQ

(Traditional, Pork & Leek, Cumberland, Chilli & Beef, Beef, Lamb, Venison, & Chicken Sausages)

100% Prime Burgers


Chicken Kebabs with Mango & Peppers

Chicken Fillets with Cajun / Indian Marinade

Whole Spit Roast Chickens

Steaks (Fillet, Rump, T-bone, Sirloin, Rib-eye)


King Prawn Kebabs

Grilled Cornish Lobster

Salmon Fillets

Grilled Sea Bass

Please note all items are individually prices subject to seasonal availability

Childrens BBQ Parties

Hot Dogs

Cheese Burgers

Veggie Burgers

Mini fish & Chips

Corn on the Cobb & BBQ Beans, Ice Cream Cones

Ice Lollies

Mediterranean BBQ

Chicken piri piri Kebabs

Vegetable Kebabs with thyme and honey

Whole minted boned legs of English lamb

Tuna Steak with Olive oil and Lemon

Lime and Honey Glazed Spare whole rack ribs

Grilled swordfish with lemon and herbs

Roast Vegetables, basil & Halloumi cheese cooked in a foil bag

Whole leg of lamb marinated in rosemary, garlic and olive oil

Seared tuna in a light lime Marmalade, with lime leaves, mango and fresh mint

Skewers of tiger prawns basted with garlic, ginger and lemon oil

All of the food will be served by way of a buffet this will include the following: 1 x 3m x 3m catering marquee, all tables for food preparation and serving, linen table cloths, Chafing dishes and gels, serving platters, plates and cutlery, bread display and all other serving items on the buffet table. Including 1 x Chef 1 x serving.

Value Spit Raost Menu