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Starters / Canapés

Chicken Satay

Spicy chicken wings

Spring rolls (vegetarian)

Fresh spring rolls (chicken / pork / vegetarian)

Dim sum (chicken / prawn / vegetarian)

Thai fish cakes

Prawn cakes (in breadcrumbs)

Sweet corn cakes

Prawns wrapped in a blanket

Spicy mini meatballs with coriander and sticky rice (beef / pork)

Spicy prawn salad, served on prawn crackers

Thai papaya salad (vegetarian)

Minced chicken / pork served on pieces of pineapple

Individual leaf-wrapped mix with herbs (prawn / vegetarian)

Main courses

Soups (can also be a starter / soup course)

Tom Yum spicy & sour soup (chicken / prawn)

Chicken in coconut milk soup


Red curry (duck / beef / chicken / vegetarian)

Green curry (beef / chicken / seafood / vegetarian)

Massaman curry (beef / chicken / lamb)

Penang curry (beef / chicken / pork / fish)

Jungle curry (no coconut milk) with chicken / pork / prawn

Steamed red curry with fish/seafood individually served in banana leaf

Stir fries and other

Stir fry with ginger (beef / chicken / pork)

Chicken with cashew nuts

Beef in oyster sauce

Spicy marinated beef with Thai herbs (served cold)

Steamed fish with shitake mushrooms and ginger

Steamed fish in a spicy lime sauce

Pan fried sea bass with '3 flavour' sauce topped with crispy kaffir lime leaves

Honey and soy pork fillet / spare ribs with pineapple

Pad Thai fried noodles (tofu / chicken / pork / prawn)

Mixed vegetables in oyster sauce